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About the business.

Twenty years ago, I started my antiques business. It was very easy to do. After all, I spent my childhood being dragged to antique shops, auctions and estate sales. I began to appreciate antiques and learning something new about an item that I had never seen before. I turned my love for antiques and collectibles into a business. 
Now, I buy and sell quality items: no reproductions or junky stuff.
I do this part-time, so I lease retail space in two great locations. The first is in a large antique mall called Seneca Cannery Antiques in Havre de Grace, MD. It is a large brick and stone building that is located right on the water. The second location is in Hampden, a neighborhood of Baltimore City, MD. The shop is called Changed My Mind and is home to several dealers.

Do you have something to sell?

  I am always interested in acquiring new items:  from a single piece to a whole basement full of stuff.  Contact me before you have the yard sale or have the junk truck hall it away. You never know, what you have could be worth hundreds of dollars.  I will let you know what your items are worth and offer you a fair price for any item that interests me.
   If you are in the Baltimore City/County, or Harford County, Maryland area and would like to make an appointment, please E-mail me.



Buying & Selling Antiques, Collectibles and Unique Items.

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